Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wednesday January 20, 2010. First day back in the classroom. My workday on Wednesday and Friday ends at 10:40a. Today, I thought’s I’d be restless, maybe even depressed. Not at all. This semester will see more entries from me than any other period. Wine has really shifted my creative emphasis. Hopefully it will take me to a certain paradise. The storm that has been hitting the Bay, and much of CA, for the last few days, presently, and the days approaching, is like nothing I have ever seen. Just got off the phone with Alice. She informed me that they closed the school at which she teaches, because of the storm which carries an ample dose of thunder and lightening. Tonight is supposed to bring a collection of intense cells, which also carry the thunder & lightening trait. Tomorrow, what will I do? Haven’t had a mocha yet today. Need a little snooze. Will try to write later. Need to get some mss ready for submission. That’s another item on my to-do list for the morrow. One more thing, I see something new in the Room that I want to explore. What is that? The picture-takers, how they roam around the grounds, and around the Room, photographing even the most ridiculous and insignificant of sights, objects.
6:20p. Been awake for about two hours. Thrilled that I have tomorrow off. Want to stay on top of everything this term, even if it’s my last. Tomorrow, keeping with the tradition of submission, I will assemble a packet to pitch to agents. Didn’t have a mocha today, and it didn’t affect me too tremendously. Want to get into the role of the poet this night. All the time, especially when driving, I fiddle with schemes of rhyme. And now, what else can this penman do, but stew. Need to look over my deadlines tonight, or tomorrow. Yes, tonight, I will. I have to.
Thunder and lightening, tonight? I don’t think so. That’s my prediction. Can’t believe that weather is sensationalized by these news stations. What happened to journalistic integrity? Need to put my Self somewhere different tomorrow when I write. Just staying here in this condo, or going to the same coffee houses, is pasting my pages with blandness. And I’m sick of it.
Feel like giving my Self an assignment for tonight. But I’m afraid I won’t finish. Feeling lazy. Have to write my way through and out of this stall. I begin with my childhood aim of becoming a paleontologist. What made me shift away from that? Easy, I grew up. I loved dinosaurs. Don’t find them too intriguing now, but I do remember how it felt, my first intense interest. I would even say my first passion. Well, no, more like a mini-passion.
So many notes in this little flip-pad, on the Room. I wonder what the Room is like at other wineries, what it would be like to be a fly on the wall at, say, Imagery. Hmm, a possible assignment for tomorrow. I don’t think this would be a wasted effort at all. I am writing for my life. I must chose my steps carefully, surgically. This log, not a blog, is a step in a direction most lucrative. What if I do incorporate my own hospitality operation into this Lit Life? Someone today was talking to me about a restaurant that started as a wine retail brokerage. Think that’s what you’d call it. Had a thought last night about starting a podcast. Without boring you with the deliberation, I vote, most fervently, no. I want to be a writer, not a personality. But, I will be a character, with a charismatic character, vis-a-vis these entries.
Watching “Basic Instinct” again. Maybe it will prompt me to take a certain turn with my fiction. A cop novel? Not necessarily, but find someone to use as a character. Become a spy, have the subject be my specimen. The subject would have to be female, because, as I’ve said, men are too simple, one-sided, dull.

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