Thursday, January 28, 2010

Review of Mayo’s 2006 Sonoma County Red Wine, The Libertine

A blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Zin. I like the name of this blend, “Libertine,” denoting and connoting a certain freedom, lawlessness. Not sure if such can be executed in a bottle of wine. Soon to see.
On the nose I’m approached by leathery fruit and spice. The quality and intensity of which does not humble me. I simply recognize, and move on. As I sip, I notice easy tannins, and a stronger ballad of notes on the finish. These notes being the leather, spice, red berries, earth (maybe). A bit too light for a blend.
I can see why they called it The Libertine. But, it leaves me with a certain imbalance of palate and appreciation, reflection. This imbalance provokes me to think of what exactly is parading on my palate? I’ve identified notes, but what character do they deliver? What character is in this bottle? She’s shy, no seduction.
Now, a handful of moments later, a bubble or two of blueberry, maybe. Interesting, but also frustrating. Don’t feel like this bottle is unveiling any distinctive personality. Entangled and impatient, me. Quite drinkable, but not capable of clattering your composure. Am I enjoying it, yes. But, again, I am not moved, shown the ways of a true freethinking, bottled, Libertine. Lost in its lawlessness, exhausted searching for charisma.


Review Composed on Th. 1/28/2010

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