Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Notes, Th. 1/28/2010

Need to develop a workout routine, stick to.

What is my obsession with PV (Petite Verdot)? Come to think, all blending grapes, from a region many, seduce me easily.
Murder mystery. Would write one of those before I would some trite barely literary vampire vapidity.

Should I do a podcast? I could write notes for the cast, so it would have some writing involved, not just me bickering and snickering. What do you think? Please let me know, if a soul this log reads.

Wondering what they’re going to serve for dinner at 2nite’s meeting.

Reading over the entries in this journal. I’m scattered, but sometimes a bit charming, I would argue.

10:08p. My car, such a pain in the ass. Wish I lived in Manhattan. Those people live without cars, right? Public tran everywhere. Sounds like paradise.

Salespeople should be put to death. The phony, plastic ones. They annoy me to the point of rage, rampage. Their insincere charisma is like indoctrination from theological fanatics. Evil. Devils.

12:03am. Haven’t gone to sleep yet. So technically it’s the same day. I should be asleep, but I’m enjoying my day, night. Still fuming from corporate serum. Where’s my piece? they speak of incentives, but that’s an amalgamation of fabrication, embellishment. Devils can’t fool me.

Typing in the dark, with a glowing keypad, interesting, strangely inspiring.

Back to these pigs that want me to do their devilish doings. They must be demented.

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