Thursday, February 11, 2010

2 Installations and a Cold, or Flu, Can't Tell

W 10Feb2010 - Mad at my Self. I self-censored. I was going to insert an entry into this log, but decided that it may cause a ripple that would entail a certain fallout. Should have just posted the words. They didn’t go to waste, into my 100k project, which is no longer an 80k sprint. I hate censorship. That would have to be my ultimate opposite, even if and when it comes from Self. Enemies, puny. I will envelop your bravado, muffle your elevation. I am truly unstoppable in these pages, daring anyone to halt my assault, these creations from blooming into fruition.
Must set afore more metaphor. I’ll project, and the simpleton foe won’t even realize, know.

Th 11Feb2010 - Trying to write my way through and out of this cold, or flu. Alice, my little gem, asked me yesterday if I had a cold or a flu. I told her that I wasn’t sure, just feeling lousy. Right now, 7:41am. Why did I have to have this on my days off?
Going to take a break, a serious moment, moments, of motionlessness from this log. BOOK ONE needs hardy consciousness, real attention. A predator’s eye. Regret that I didn’t post that wine review from 4Feb. I will eventually. Today’s goal, 500-1000 words. Feel like a decaying elder. Must pace my Self today.
Readers, have a wonderful day. If I can leave you with anything, it would be a prompt:
Write your ideal house in 500 words. Address everything from the floors, to the windows, kitchen, master bedroom. Take us, the readers, there. Invite us into your home.

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