Monday, February 22, 2010


Going to post a slew of entries on the morrow. Going to take a bit of a cesura from the reviewing of wine, I’m thinking. Not sure. Great day today in the Room. Worked alongside Stan, Lonny, Jack. Not much traffic. But, the character that did enter, delectable in both aesthetic and application, especially a group of girls from the South. Polite, vibrant, beautiful, each one. Pages, deluges of pages, they would inject into any manuscript.
Tomorrow, a day off. Many tasks before this author. BOOK ONE, its 60k requisite, almost attained. MUST dive into the box of old writings. Will I? Want to drive around and take a couple more pictures, like I did last week in Dry Creek. So much I want to do. This literary art is pain peppered with pleasure. And sometimes, that’s reversed.
Hating this 730a section of 90. Too early, not enough connection to my lectures from the surrendered scholars, that possess no scholarly acuity. I am going to focus on my lectures, a writing project, new leap. I’m not concerned with apathy, not any more. I’m not philanthropic, not for disingenuous and ungrateful, not to mention opportunistic, students. This term, my last. Off to Stanford.
Can see my Self there. Can see my book on shelves. Stop, topic next, Mike. The weather today, faultless, supreme. Rain projected for morrow. We’ll see. No mocha this day for Mike. Probably good, saved a couple legal tenders.
Journal jumping a lot lately. Need to stop, use only one 8.5X11, and my little one for the Room. If I get too thin, the pages will never be printed, no publication shall disseminate. Dinner, hungry, ebb lowering. Where is my Capote book?
7:31p. So glad to be in tonight. In this humble Madigan castle. Already over 1k. That was fast. Tiring. Had a couple beers last night with George, Stan, Lonny, and Jack at the Gnarly Thorn. Nightcap. Best way to unwind. Best crew to unwind with. Now, in this Now, trying to relax, but not too much.

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