Thursday, February 18, 2010

Review of Blackstone, Sonoma Reserve, RUBRIC, 2007

Truly, I am incommunicado. Surveying the shade, sensuality. Already enticed. A blend, spread over seven varietals, that works, sings, displays. How did they do this? Fragrant, vibrant, savory. Initial notes: smoke, oak. On nose and front-palate, a darkness delivering delight, almost too much. Looking for incongruity. None. The notes of deep, thick, endless blackberry swirl my spirits and propel my palate to paradise. Immovable structure, colossal consistency. The character, a proud, charming emissary of fulfillment, contentment. I keep sipping, slowly. Why rush time with beauty never before seen? Clouds of flavor, what me surround and lift. Nearly perfectly balanced tannins, a mouthfeel so remarkable that you don’t want the taste to terminate. On the finish, the awe is solidified. In a wonderland of sorts with this wondrous wish of a blend. Harmony and unpredictability interwoven. Great sips, each round.

(Review Composed on Wed. 2/17/10)

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