Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Review of St. Francis 2005 Anthem, Meritage, Red Wine

Gorgeous bottle. This is a reverse blend, as I understand it, with Malbec and Petite Verdot as the dominant varietals, at the wheel. Next in line, Cabernet Franc, then Merlot and Cabernet. On the nose, I’m greeted by a light handshake of cherry, leather, a bit of earth. Chocolate too, but only because I think I’m looking for it, with the Merlot in the room. A nudge of rich soil. Tipping the glass, a dark cape, an ambient abyss advertising an agreeable aesthetic. Thank the PV for that.
The mouthfeel and mid-palate, delicious, extravagant, like a distant historical landmark. Gentle, not too tannic. The flavors and winks present in the nose embolden in this stage. Now, floral, licorice. On palate, and when I skip back to nose. I’m one in the seats at an opera house, listening to a symphony boast it collective prowess.
Back-pal’ and finish, truly ethereal, a phantasmagoric tapestry of wizardry. This Anthem is singing to me, prompting movement of soul. The opus, the Anthem, the music that I was expecting. A pervading hymn of praise. Perfect sync, harmony. I’m more than impressed, I’m propelled to express my pleasure on this page. So much to consider, but it intermingles absent of folly. The notes, flavors, still taunting, haunting, flaunting. Poetry, and not just from me. Smokey, but only a filmy spread.
Very coherent presentation, presence. The finish is relentless, a pleasurable dream that won’t let me wake, doesn’t want me to. I feel this bottle is celebratory, a dance. It works idealistically, it’s what a winemaker should shoot for in terms of a five-grape merger. This “Anthem” leaves me with an impression, one that I’m sure will follow me, tap my memory’s shoulder on unexpected occasions. It coerces my pen to parade and paddle, and I, the penman, am a buffoon with efforts to stop it. Influenced by its influence. Yes, this bottle is influential. Other Bordeaux blends attempt. But this one most piquant, exalting, and distinguished puzzle does what other can’t. Provide, inspire.
This character and its five sides, putting me on my own high tide.


Review Composed on T. 2/2/2010

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  1. Hey Mike, I like your stuff. Diggin' the short, concise sentences. Last night with you and AJ was fun. We ought to do that again.

    I'd like to send you some of my writing from Critical Thinking/Philosophy class, provided that you have the time.

    Keep it real...