Wednesday, February 17, 2010

quick note

Sunday 2/14/10. Whatever I thought left my system has returned. Vehement, pragmatic, cruel. Just called the Room to let them know I wouldn’t be in. I could have gone in, and probably pushed through the shift, but the guests wouldn’t have been happy. And any piggish club member, well that’s all the grounds they need to complain, or get something extra out of us. I could just see that one member, Zebla Alotti, saying someting like “He shouldn’t be here.” Then adding, “I want my employees to be healthy when they wait on my. I want to be compensated.” Feel terrible about leaving the crew short on a busy and superficial weekend, Valentine’s and Presidents’ Day, but I need to sequester the Self for recover’s fortune.
2:25p. Definitely not pushing aside the self-publishing option. Opened a document for such. Chap, 35 pages of content, that’s it. Has to be affordable and marketable. Going to create my own brand, genre. If others can execute such with their hackish pages, then I certainly will (notice no “can”). This whatever I have still exhausts me. Off to rest a bit. Will try2log later. With the self-publishing, can’t spread Self too thin. Project by project, a lucrative mindstate.

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