Thursday, February 11, 2010

2 a Wine Review

Imagery, 2005 Petite Verdot, Sonoma Valley.
Excellent presence. Gorgeous girl in the glass. A fox. Elegance, in the rustic, dark fruit. Leather on the nose. After letting it open on its own, the tannins are playful, somewhat passive. Not at all obnoxious. The finish reveals more dark berry, and a bit of tar, or coal, damp dirt(?). This is 100% of the Bordeaux blending grape usually added for color and tannic support. Definitely stands on its own, reveals the level of complexity of one of the blends to which it often contributes. The character of this bottle is persistent and pleasurable. Definitely going back to the artistic Room to snag more.

Enkidu, 2006, Petite Sirah, Fazekas Vineyard, Napa Valley
What I expect from a PS, dark in the glass. Spreads itself onto the palate with pepper, earth, blackberry, and a smooch of vanilla on the back and finish, slight slice of cinnamon. A strong, pervasive character. This bottle does present unique threats of development, and I say that because I love Petite Sirah, and have sampled, what seems like, a lifeload. Eniku’s PS is like a new invention in a world of repetition and regurgitation. A relief, a remedy, for me. Splendid structure. Coherent, creative, and, as I stated, quite inventive. A temptress in the glass. Liquified night of amour, romantically rough. On a less dire octave, I love the label, and this winery’s name, its connection to literature and legend. Cheers, peers.

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