Saturday, February 20, 2010

Review of Larson, Petite Sirah, Sonoma Valley, 2007

“Defying Lines and Confines”

Bumpy road to winery, smoothness in this bottle. A nose of fruit, spice, rich earth. Tamed, yet unchained. It paints its portrait on your palate with angelic movements, a graceful glide through the notes on mouthfeel and mid-palate. Balanced, not too hyper in texture, as many PS’s appear to be. It leads me. Refined, rich patches of earth and spice maneuver around the fruit towards the finish line. Just as this varietal is a hybrid, this bottle from Larson envelopes me. Merging with her majesty. Leading through fruit, earth, spice, creamy finish. A romantic stroll, a blanket of brilliance. Royal, ravishing. Even when the fruitful finish leaves, I’m still pleased. Flawless transitions between stages of taste. A guide through an unfamiliar dimension, this bottle from the secluded sanctuary of Larson. Delightfully different for a Petite Sirah, but that’s its splendor, treasure, what it gently renders. Infatuation I’ve never know with this hybrid.

(Review Composed on Fri. 2/19/10)

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