Wednesday, February 17, 2010

another quick note

F/2/12/10. I’m just writing now, beyond 1k. Feeling stupid, yet triumphant. I strive, push, to be the most hardworking and successful man in literature. Writing and releasing at a rate unseen in this arena. Keep sipping this Cabernet, typing. That’s what an ANTI does. Clocking out, I think. What did I accomplish today? 1k, a wine review, two, and a brief ramble. Hooray for Madigan.
Didn’t record any poetry, rime, today. Sneezing, not sure if I’m out of the mud yet with this fucking bug. Still writing. Was thinking about strolling down the block to the Gnarly Thorn for a nightcap, but no. I want to remain here in the Madigan Castle, write till I call it a night.

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