Thursday, June 17, 2010

After a Day Stretched

Thursday 6/17/2010. And after a long PR stint, I’m spent. Thankful to be here, with these journalistic breaths, the Racer. So many different Rooms, characters, views today. The wine world has whirled me wondrously, again. Here I play, and forever stay.
9:44p. Out on the square of Sonoma, come morrow. Will have the page on person each tick of the clock. Hear crickets down on the little grass lump, middle of units. What are they telling me? “Open some wine.” No thanks. Sleep, this author needs.
Challenge to Self: 1k, every day. Long as able...Post each to blog. Forgive me, eyes of others. Took a couple notes today, while in my car, parking lot of Arrowood. Saw my brother Kaz, for the first in a while. Love his tasting Room, the barrels, low light, airborne vino notes. Exhaustion stampeding about the core of a poet. Off button...

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