Sunday, June 27, 2010

Review of Kaz Vineyard and Winery, 2009 Lenoir, Pagani Ranch

Her melody, unfamiliar, as is her tongue, syllable. She evades my capture, comprehension. I follow, I have to. She stops for our collision, entanglement. Slow, for more. She keeps me still, sedated, surrounding my senses in spell.
Deep blackberry and blueberry presentation with mild oak and damp soil, floral and forward. Her incense strings me obsessive. Her augury, a flavorful and quaint comet to my core. Sip again, sensual stretch. Her aggressive maneuvers mold my mind, time. Scent to reflection, profound, an equation, a beautiful bully of sorts to any analytical aptitude. She can’t be solved, why she’s so libidinous. Keepable, strong and sensual character...
As I many times do, I glare in catatonic admiration at this glassed femme. Thickest, most situated of nights. I her swirl, to further my daze. With each sip, the graceful ghoul displays her motioned ballad on palate. I follow, to continue as a follower of her path of notes. Amorously different, deliciously divine. Persist with my newest of sip trysts.

(Friday 6/25/2010)

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