Thursday, June 24, 2010


Challenging, not to be separated, scattered. So many sheets aflutter in my Now, journals too. I long ago vowed to stop jumping journals. I blame the wine, especially this new expansive affair with Cabernet. Waking early tomorrow, I swear.
Took home some barrel samples today, for the new winery. Made way through 5 of 9. Couldn’t sip anymore wine, honestly. Never thought I’d say that. Damn this clutter. Wish I was at the Wine Bloggers’ Conference in WA. Had an opp to go, but I landed this new post. Quite content with how all unfolded. Chooser’s remorse, none in this coat.
Hate paperwork, business cards, forms. Unneeded extra. Who wants that? Certainly not me, nor this poetry.

(Thursday 6/24/2010)

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