Sunday, July 18, 2010

2nd Edict

Indecisive, I’ve been divisive in these

vices. Twice and thrices. Bright writing entries.

Obsessing over prizes, stressing over time sizes.

Criminal conglomerate, I’m onto it, a song I

sip. No grape for a slow tape. No fate, wait...

Dizzy in my studies. Passion forces me to

abandon my buddies. Like an elder reading

the funnies. Convoluted like FOX news,

diluted, my pot stews. They polluted the

hot truth. Barriers, I shot through. Continue

to walk blue. Payments due. I’m sane, but unglued.

Consequence of artistry. I want to mend the heart in

me. Profanity lacks precision; but my insanity cracks

division. More Malbec and I’m all set. Fall wrecked,

but still wager a tall bet; another journal not kept.

Eye’s open, sign chosen. Endless shades on the stage.

(May 2010)

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