Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Struggle, a Weakened Varietal

Today’s shift, a battle for me. Weakened, drained from the amazing wine from the night previous. Tonight, detoxification, impure elements away, far. Sipping some sparkling water, lemon. Not much traffic in the Room this day, woefully. How do I get the bodies to the counter. Quintessential question. Part of me says there’s no formula, the other angrily dismisses.
This session, me, my pen’s pulses, worthless. No coherence. Neither flavor nor spectacle. Wouldn’t pour this vile varietal into a foe’s goblet.
9:12p. No. No wine tonight. Writing about it, as with each of my sessions, but no sips. Saving my pours for other hours. Looking through my camera’s pictures. The massive green hills, many home to vineyards atop vineyards. Makes me want to sip something. But no. Not tonight. I’m strong. For this page, this sessions, you, dearest reader. Bona sera...


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