Friday, July 23, 2010

Still in the Fantastic Fold

Maybe today could be the first step of the trek to the wine shop. Not calling it a shop-slash-bar anymore because it’s mainly, primarily, empirically, a shop where wine is sold. There will be a small bar, but it’s not the main attraction. The main attraction is the selection of small production, boutique wines. Time to start hunting for candidates. No, if I’m to take this seriously, I need to know how much cash I’m to scrounge for startup. Startled, pleasantly, that I’m considering this seriously. Posted on FB: “If I open a wine shop/bar, who’s coming?” I was flooded with affirmation and encouragement. Much more useful than all the how-to nonsense one finds on the net, or the books in the Business section of Borders. I’ve started a new journal, pen and paper only, for this very idea and overall accumulated industry knowledge (useful realities therein).
Going to the Swiss Hotel tonight. Can’t wait to view their wine list. Wait, I can do that now online. Rephrase: Can’t wait to taste some wine from their list. I’m charged, shook with stimulation, just like when I was first hired, and working for, the other winery. IF I follow through with this, it will be challenging. But I know it’s not too much for me. Need to look at designs of other wine clubs, specials, discounts, social media campaigns...more than excited. Obsessed. Giving my entire entity to the oenophile’s universe. Wine, Literature, Life.
Just solicited suggestions for wines to carry in the shop. Wonder what my social media connects will urge. Wine, endless enjoyment. Right now, investigating online wine media. Shows, blogs, vlogs, sites, the like. Yes, taking notes, but also just enjoying the learning process. Haven’t been this invigorated since grad school, since when I first started teaching. Mentally alive with curious and courageous notes. Becoming a new literary varietal...

(7/23/2010, Friday)

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