Friday, July 23, 2010

My Morning, Inked

Cab Franc, still with these thoughts. Wondering how much of a possibility, an immediate one, the wine shop/bar is. Is it really as hard as people say? Everything I read is discouraging, not realistic. The realism is, like anything else in life, there are hurdles, perhaps more than other endeavors. Persistent emphasis of negative and con don’t help, nor teach me a thing. But the binding and simplistic truth behind my wine shop/bar, is that I would sell wine, and pour some. That’s it. Okay, permits, licensing. But the essentiality, wine. Sales. Atmosphere. Experience. I’m certain I would succeed in such. And what a journal I would keep from day one and beyond, building the business, getting all in rows prior to open. Something by this figure of the ink seriously deliberated...

(7/23/2010, Friday)

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