Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gym to Journal

7/28/2010, Wednesday.  While at the gym, my thoughts were popping with bullet ferocity.  Everything from my upcoming Heidi Barrett interview next week, to my meeting at the ad agency tomorrow, to the vinoLit Show taping tonight, to what wine I should feature on the show, to the wine shop idea, to spoken word.  The hour and ten minutes fluttered around my world, then left, as if it were sick of my routine.
Technology has angered me on several levels in the past 24 hours.  This is my biggest gripe with social media.  But, just I exercise creative and other licenses with these entries, so will I with media and tech; I won’t let it control me.
Sipping a Red Rocket Ale, listening to Thievery.  As much as this rest is warranted, I need to prep for the show, and handle other matters.  Wine for tonight...oh, I already decided.  Forgot.  Have too many lures in the lake.  Need deceleration.
As my tempo goes low, to slow, the wine shop reappears.  I see the counter, the seats, art about the walls.  “Should I pursue this, or confine this notion to the page’s lines?” I asked myself while on the bike.  Still, no answer.

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