Sunday, September 18, 2011

105: Kaz Log, Contemplative

All days in the Kaz Lab, impelling.  People from everywhere.  In this country, world.  Forgot that this weekend was a valley-centered harvest event.  Had the Room with Luke, Nate, Kristin (Little Kaz), Sandy Kaz, and Kazapalooza himself.  Wine, family, all positive.  Which makes me wonder why anyone would courier negative, sour, idiotically indignant senses into such a tasting Room, or around wine in general.  I understand analytics, a critical approach to wine, as there is with Literature, cinema, cuisine, what have.  But I’ll never understand bullying.  All the incredible people I met today, I can only hope they return.  We beg for such encouraging vibrancy to roam the Room, approach the bar.  I would love to pour for Liz, Amanda, Kristy, Julie, their friends, again.  All wineries need guests such.  Badgers, please venture far.  Peace to my new, gently melodied bottle believers.  

Wines from the barrel, especially the ’08 Zin, tasting with unseen coercive chords today.  Love the grimace of splendid surprise when I inform them they’re more than welcome to bottle their wine themselves.  And cork their bottles, additionally.  No one else in the valley does this, which I love.  Love telling people such a truth.  I’m sitting here, in my home office, after shift, sipping what’s left from last night’s wine thinking about the day, the valley’s event, Kaz’s cannon of varietal interpretations.  How humble they are in palate presence, yet persuasive in reactionary characteristic annunciation.  Most notably, I must say, the 2010 Stomp Merlot.  Yes, this is one of my reliables.  However, affirmations from guests confirmed and renewed my adherence to this new release.

Me, just a writer in a tasting Room.  More than in love with wine, other Humans that love wine.  The kind open mind.  Bullies, my belief, that duck-and-cover behind, within, some coward-coursed social media plate should avoid jubilant tasting Room portraits.  I want guests like those above cited, my new friends from NYC, Petaluma, beyond.  Antitheses, hug your gray cloud.  Avoid us positively charged characters.  I’m raising my glass to Kaz, his winery, family, the guests drawn to those gorgeous grounds on Adobe Canyon.  Oh, and before I clock-out, appoint yourSelf to try the 2004 Intrepid, a straight Alicante Bouschet.  Dark, mysterious, ghostly, comely.  Palate eroticism from first nose greeting to encapsulating finish spark.  Wineries like this, WINES like Kazzy’s, make me write.  Make me love wine, more.  Push me to Self-educate, especially during this harvest.  The next one.  And next ... 
Sip, sip ...     

9/18/2011, Sunday

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  1. Hi Mike! It was great meeting you at the Kaz tasing room! I'm the one in the striped shirt corking my bottle. After Liz and I bottled the '08 Zin, we brought it to lunch at Cafe Citti- a delicious, affordable Italian joint the locals love. And to my surprise NO corkage FEE!!! I’m back at work now in New York City wishing I had a glass of Kaz’s Zin instead of coffee!
    Amanda Udell