Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wine Me? -- A Renewing Translation of Wine Life

Pair wine with art, she does.  Drink from an animated glass.  I do, now.  My adorably magnetic, creatively and astutely inventive friend Rebecca Suriano, CEO and Creator of Wine Me?--representing Phillipsburg, New Jersey--applies her multi-tinted expressively gorgeous whirlwinds to glasses.  Just looking at them makes you want to explore wine in new ways.  Each of her glasses, new vision, insight, dream-like sip sequels.  It’s a natural pairing, to be candid.  I’m always going on on how wine is Literarily artistic.  It’s also quite visual, welcoming to new takes, turns.  Artists like Becky,  I call her.  First look at her pieces, you’ll notice a definite partiality to carefully projected color blending.

This is what true wine Life/enjoyment, connection, is supposed to be: Human, enjoyable, Creative, evolving.  I appreciate Ms. Suriano’s line, because it’s always new, renewing itSelf.  That only leads me, as a writer of wine, Literature, that she too embraces her ceaseless ontogenesis.  Like wine, the artist situates in her own mold.  Then, remolds.  Keeps her Craft ever-engaging for her admirers, me; Her avant-garde stem-elevators.  Her color platform, collectively echoing dynamic, pleasantly startles sippers’ eyes.  Here, in this studio, I wish I had one of those Van Gogh-esque bowls for this Merlot.   
Talking with Becky the other day, she disclosed:  “I combine drinking with art. Every glass is customized to reflect individual styles. My glasses are one-of-a-kind pieces which make baller gifts for any occasion. Ultimately, I would love to be sold in department stores nationwide so that everyone could be able to own a Wine Me? glass. In the meantime, I paint everything by hand which makes these items exclusive.” That’s probably why so many love Wine Me?; It’s yours, for you, your style of wine connection, culture.  And her line does, with anchored assurance, foster its own pervading element.  Looking at some of the photos on her site laments testament to her flavorable fervor.

I posed a couple inquiries with my new friend the other day, and she said, when I asked her what pushes her brush to beautify as she does, she outlined:  “I have painting spontaneity syndrome. I am the kind of person who lives in the moment so I don’t put too much pressure or thought into it. I like to paint whatever comes to mind. I am a huge nature person which is where I get a lot of inspiration, but I love a multitude of eclectic designs. I am fully entertained when I get custom orders where the clients give me the creative license to infuse the glasses with my personal aesthetic. Custom orders make me think outside the box and really get my creativity flowing.” I also wanted to know what varietal she sips most often, when in front of a glass canvas, she told me:  “It all depends. I am a very passionate person about the arts in general and wine is no different. Depending on my mood I love to drink anything from Frontera to fine French wines.” She, like many of us, open bottles to pair with out moments.  To pair with ourSelves, in a Then, a Now.

     I enjoy, herald, confess of my amorous admiration of my ineffable friend Becky’s work because she speaks from her heart, with her line, creations, company Wine Me?.  As we writers connect ink to line, she: brush to glass.  That’s what wine is: a free-meandering, sipping, Creative mind.  That’s Human.  That Wine.  That’s Rebecca Suriano, her company, Wine Me?.  Looking at my glass right now, here in my studio.  It’s too plain, even with it full of SoCo Merlot.  Need color, that multi-tinged spell projected from her brush.  Giving her a call.  Hope I don’t wake her.  Sip, sip ...

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9/14/2011, Wednesday

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