Saturday, September 17, 2011

106: Developing Man-uscript

Past 1200 words, already.  Time: 1056a.  Tiring a little, as the mocha’s wearing off.  Tonight’s restaurant, to be decided, soon.  Have to see how the day evolves.  Something soon will determine selection.  There’s a thematic correlation to be told, soon.  Rarely do my hands pain this author, from typing, scribbling, but now’s one of those unfoldings.  Clocking out.  Returning...well, whenever I wish.  This isn’t the “real world.” I’m not on someone else’s time mandates.  I’m in my own.  Punning phrases quite contemplated, targeted.  Aimed.  At Them.  The Party.
But I don’t want that today, to go down that turbulently angst-angled trail.  Today, triumphant transition, trust me.  You’ll se why, soon.  Outside, beautiful.  Perfect to today, this flavor of Saturday.  Need to get my new cards made, those touting  This issue of “business” card--artist card, really; writer card--to convey more simplicity.  Who I am, where you can find me.  Job title?  Okay, fine:  “Writer/Wine Blogger.” As much as I scorn the sobriquet, I do blog on wine.  So...
10:38p.  Night cap, full glass of this B.R. Cohn Cab.  A really full glass.  Rather aback by how much I’ve written 2day.  Another new project started, like a winemaker starting another sub-label.  “Poetry, Solely, Me” will let me speak how I truly do.  In poem, rime.
Tomorrow, in tasting Room, Kaz Winery.  Plan on taking more pictures than I should, as I ought be behind the bar, pouring.  Need to makeup for the photos lost.  It’s quite alright.  A new challenge, enriching and rewarding renewal for the wine writer.  This ’08 North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon, different than the courageous Bordeaux bulls I’m used to.  I love it, learning.  New characters in my glass, especially when I haven’t had a sip of wine in a couple nights.  Know that doesn’t sound like much, but for a scribe like I, living and dying by grape, it’s a period in history, two days without pour.  Go ahead, judge ...  Notes in glass:  Nose - chewy jammy blackberry, creme de casis; Palate - Herbal plum, animated earth, sweet inkiness, misty tannins; Finish - Wild berry, minty flirt, green tea.  Overall, this wine speaks, confidently.  In a tongue quite universal, which serves as quite the relief to many consumers, especially those like me, on a budget.
Closing day’s session with some more sips, more music, more dreams of my own shop, my book on shelves.  Don’t care about the order, although I would rather writing wield first.  Either way, I’ll be AUTONOMOUS.  Solo.  My sentences, forever motivated and pushed by wine, Life, My Wine Life.  Determined to be back in the classRoom soon, and 4ever.  All this, with engaged student minds, I’ll share.  Show them they should think for Self, that they don’t have to settle, that BB can’t determine their sequence.  
Sip, sip ... 
9/17/2011, Saturday

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