Monday, November 21, 2011


Technology, giving me more than grief this evening.  No wine in glass.  No Racer 5.  Actually, and for the first time in many moons, I tilt a Diet Cherry Coke into my center.  Nice change in palate guest.  No Literary Lunch today.  Tomorrow, I vow, seated back in  my treasured 1st & Main café.  Tomorrow night, after box, I plan to sit as soon as I walk through the door, ignite the types.  Have fruition before bed.  I resolved, for yet another round I think, today, that all works, those to be published, or “posted,” come from one of my many journals.  All, from me, from the real logs.  The wine-fined diaries.  So, in narrowed respects, I’d be a journalist of wine.  Is that so, I ask Self.  No.  You’re a writer, just a writer.  Nothing fancy, focused, or forced.
Have the wines picked for tomorrow’s monstrous night writing session.  What do I hope to get from it?  Just a finished piece.  Of ANY length.  Think I capitalize too much.  Part of my molded motif, I suppose, but I shouldn’t overuse it, as winemakers shouldn’t over oak.  Even though, many whose varietal translations predicate themselves oak ballad often get showered in ribbons.  Ridiculous.  Speaking of wine, I miss my barrel, my and Katie’s project, MKCS11.  What that its designator?  Can’t remember.  That means it’s been too long.  Need to call Katie, set up a visit after Thanksgiving.
Autumn’s aesthetic spell, all about the vineyards’ channels.  Wish I could stop to take a couple pics in the morning.  But no.  The There calls.  Well, wait...  I shouldn’t finger point.  Tomorrow, if I leave early, I’ll be able to capture moments for these entries.  Maybe, if I wake appropriately.  As cold as it’s been in the AM, more difficult to rise from under cocooning sheets, encased in paralyzing comfort.  9:12p, my now-time.  Should probably begin preparations for early rest, so I can get those odd sky shades seen from Madrone Road in Glen Ellen.  One time I saw a coyote dart across me, from one vine shelter to another.  Almost hit the desperate creature.  Wonder what he was chasing.  Always have, since.  Also made me wonder what other animals are hiding out there, enjoying the foliage, clusters, sights as we do.
11/21/2011, Monday

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