Tuesday, November 1, 2011

61: Literary Lunch, Another Mocha

Mocha 2, for Lit Lunch.  Was going to ask for Dan’s wifi code, for Back Room Wines.  But decided against.  Used debit card for this cup.  Didn’t want to spend the minutes on the walk across Main, to the ATM.  Thinking of winemaking, all seconds in the cube, during all calls, I’ll be honest.  Feel like this author’s in a bit of a holding pattern.  I’ll be out soon, but when?  Follow the wine, my barrel samples last night urged.  Keeping my fingers in movement, at this small white circle.  Marble, decorated with crumbs, and I think some different class of powdered sugar.  This post, on this first day of month 11, in 2011, first step outside all boxes.  Writing and thinking more freely.  Battery fading, on this little monster, but it’s not too low, 89%.  Brought the power cord in case of recharge’s necessity.  
Finished book yesterday, the novella-length Bottled Journal.  But it’s not a novella, I don’t think.  Why does it have to be classed?  It’s a book, like a bottle of red Wine is labeled Red Wine, especially if it’s a blend.  That’s what all my books are intended be: scattered, seductively blended sentence structures.  The current track, reminds me that I need to travel, for writing’s sake, for wine research.  How am I supposed to have Bordeauxs and Rhones on my tasting list if I’ve never put a single paw in their soil?
These stationary days, coming to end.  Sooner than you think, reader.  And I’m not mad, upset with anyone, anything.  I’m inspired to re-blend my Now’s components.  Another sip, reassures me.  But, these flies won’t leave my scribble station.  Am I that interesting?  Hope my Wine, Writing, Wine Writing is.  Beginning a new journal on this laptop, momentarily.  Should I do that, when I’m trying to consolidate, blend my pages pragmatically? 
11/1/2011, Tuesday

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