Friday, October 22, 2010

Cab of Night Last

I’m all backwards.  No Literary theory could encapsulate my demeanor.  Still in review of notes, those in head.  Was going to deposit a check, but I needed to be here in front of the page to convey such fray.  The Cabernet, still squeezing my thoughts.  It was an ’05 Sonoma County, that’s all.  But more.  It’s character: coercive, playful, complex, persistent.
Has me thinking.  Should I make my own?  How would I start?
Mike stopped.  And thought.  About a Cabernet Sauvignon of his own construction.  It would belong to him.  And everyone.  He thought of a label, one radiantly and pragmatically simplistic, but antagonistic.  How would he start?
He would just start.

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