Thursday, October 21, 2010

Napa Chick and The SoCo Kid, Mission 3: Back-a to Napa

Paraduxx, incredible. Beauty, and hospitality. I had heard of this Napa gem about a year ago, when some close family friends visited, tasted. All acclaim. I can see why. Even the tasting cards are remarkably sightly, engaging. First thing I notice, the layout of the grounds and the design and decor of the tasting Room, the back patio where we did our tasting. Our host, the notably versed Damien, first poured a wildly complex and charismatic Rosè. Did an ’05 through ’07 vertical of the Paraduxx Reds, and finished with a hauntingly erotic ‘07 Golden Eye Pinot. He also managed to sneak in an ’08 Cab, which was quite young but showed promise in its aggressively sexy flavor dazzle. Elegance, humility, enviable hospitality, enjoyment. 4.5/5, for me.
Location 2, Rudd. This is going to be a difficult one to write. Why? Because every second impressed, educated, and inspired me. Our host, and new buddy, Cameron (a.k.a. Cam the Camera Man) walked us about the grounds, through the production area, and, my favorite, through the puzzling and enticing miscellany of a cave. Feel like I deprived my Self some of the experience, as I was always filming, shooting. Upstairs for some wine. “So who’s thirsty?” Cam asked. We were all ready. Not sure if I was. I wanted to roam around the caves some more. Anyway, one of the better, more coherently flavorful Sauv Blancs I’ve had in some time, strong Cabernets, and, my winner, the blend. This winery, appointment only, will definitely see me again. The consummate experience in wine and the wine life, Napa and past. 5+/5.

Only two stops on this trip. But afterwards, experience a little bit of Napa life at night. Calm, classy, coercive. This experience made me fall even more immovable. Napa romanticism. Napa, now, delivering a character of sophistication and provocation. Savory seduction, an array of palate arousal. I watch my footage and grin, cringe. When can I go back? What else is there to see? So much. Never too much. Took home a bottle of the 2007 Cab from Rudd. Tempted to open it tonight, but it needs an occasion, cherished characters. Napa, becoming my obsessive stage. Warranted overindulgence, with which I the Self pace. Stories to come, pages over pages. Sip, sip...

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