Sunday, October 17, 2010

Titus Reflection

Titus taught me a lot.  Not just about harvest, but about the inner-workings of a winery, its crew.  For me, as a writer, this was bullion, a page mine.  The footage I shot was enjoyable, surreal.  This vinoLit life, confirmed, thanks to the Titus crew.  With each of the short film’s frames, I’m shoved, to write more, explore more.  Not sure what other wine bloggers appreciate, beyond their project(s).  But, this scribe, in humble admiration of the “meekest” of tasks.  All, of immeasurable value.  Almost felt guilt with my camera, wanted to assist in what I could, learn more.  Watching my footage, repeated with lunacy.  Sipping, enjoying.  Relishing in the value.  Thankful...  

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