Sunday, October 10, 2010

Reflection: Saturday, 10/9/2010 Alderbrook Wine Club Pickup Party

Imagine a crazy concept, wine and having fun.  Being Human.  Listening to music.  Even cranking out a couple karaoke tunes.  No, not in the wine world.  Contrary: OF COURSE, IN THE WINE WORLD!  Alderbrook today made sure that wine club folk and the public alike had a great time, with exceptionally and divinely demarcated wines and various activities.  Enjoying the occasion that wine creates, each other’s company.  The moment. 
The guests loved the opportunity to sing, the chili created by Mona, wine club chief Amber Capps Duval, tasting Room head Colette Larson, among others (I think I chopped up something,  I think, but it wasn’t a lot...again, I think).  The weather, paradisiacal, celestial, you couldn’t have ordered it.  Also in attendance was Director of Events and Hospitality Karen McFarland, whom took each opportunity to welcome guests and escort them to a tasting station.  Also quite popular in the delightful duration of this event were the hula hoops, many of which were provided by the startlingly ravishing Bene Rather-Taylor (whose business, Spin It Hoops, you can find on Facebook), visiting the tasting Room yesterday, to deliver the splendid results of her ingenuity.  Everyone enjoyed the lovely and dauntingly original hoops.  I tried to hula, but failed humorously.  It was humorous, I think. [You can thank me later that  there is no footage of my hula-ing.]
I couldn’t get over what a great time everyone was having, all of the immeasurably enjoyable conversations, of which I was graciously and humbly a part, concerning the wine.  Talking about the detected notes, what we would pair, favorites, among much else.  Alderbrook knows how to treat its guests, be they club members or regularians like I.  At one point, I was tempted to sing, but withheld.  This was about the guests, their moment.
Okay, so I sang later.  One guest told me I should.  So I did.  New to Alderbrook’s tribe, I want to seem Human, quite alive.  The crowd seemed pleased.  I appeared to contribute to their time, which is what I wanted.  The entire Alderbrook clan executed the like, much more than my measly “performance.” Learning a great deal from this new Room, it crew and visitors.
Upon the day’s close, all I could hear were chuckles, impassioned speak, and praise of the staff, the wine.  Rewarding, to be modest, to be a factor in this Dry Creek reality. 

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