Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Napa Chick & The SoCo Kid, Mission 2: Sonoma Side

I had some places planned for the blogging partner and I.  Had never been to our first location, Sable Ridge Vineyards.  No idea what to expect.  Our host, and winery proprietor, Chuck, showed a fantastic flight of Syrahs, and educated us on the history and uniqueness to the Bennett Valley AVA.  Neither Danica nor I could refrain from snapping pic on top of pic.  There was too much to capture.  When the fantastic tasting sessions concluded, I had to walk off with a bottle of the 2000 Petite Sirah.  A beautiful drive to an even more beautiful spot, Sable Ridge Vineyards.  Perfection. 
I had Little Vineyards targeted for location 2, but, like an idiot, I failed to verify their hours of operation.  So, we elected their next door neighbor, B.R. Cohn.  I’ll concede my bias, promptly, and divulge my conspicuous affinity for this winery.  And the Doobie Brothers.  Napa Chick and I found ourselves, again, with contrasting palates in Cabernets.  We both loved the Sauv Blanc and other pours.  Once outside, we couldn’t help but appreciate the collection of clouds above our stage.  No bottles purchased, had to refrain.  But, an incredible experience in the tasting Room, with impressive wines with distinguished note arrangements and palate presences.  Definitely visiting again.  Quite near to now. 
Last location, a place I’ve always wanted to visit.  Moondance Cellars.  Great wines, and an even more lovely hostess, Betty.  She was very gracious in pouring the menu’s gamut.  I felt these wines had an overall deliciously defiant flavor structure, universally pleasing.  Versatile, flirtatious, and firm, fortified.  I really reveled in the feel of the Room.  The bar, the paintings, the antique sink.  I had to take a bottle of the Zin, as I find my Self going back and forth with the mysterious varietal.
We left, surprised the day was already at its close.  But, that’s what happens in this life, this wine life.  After colliding with three closed doors, at three different restaurants, I ushered us to “Fresh,” the new spot in the Skyhawk bailiwick.  D had a salad with pairs, blue cheese, and (I think) nuts of some kind.  Either way, she loved it.  I, with the mushroom and mozzarella pizza, a little crispy.  Ideality in the wine reality.  Perfection.  One couldn’t customize a more quintessential episode in a wine writer’s journey.  Sip, sip...  

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