Thursday, October 28, 2010

Joyful Jail

Self-publishing even a humbly-weighted manuscript, or publication, will impact my budget too harmfully.  Sticking to this log, for now.  Tonight’s wine, I’m thinking, a Santa Lucia Highlands Syrah, 2008.  Need something smooth, deep, mysteriously layered and presented.  I’m using what I have, with both libation and Literary medium.
This second mocha, already serving well.  Getting back to the music tonight, the poetry, as this wine life is quite musical, enormously poetic.  Harvest, making me realize and appreciate so much.  I, as a writer, need to remain close to Self, using my innate artistic arrangement and armament.  Tomorrow, at the new winery, in my beloved Dry Creek.
(Thursday, 10/28/2010)  

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