Thursday, June 9, 2011

An ’06: Sipping to Future Bottles, Me & Katie

Tonight, sipping from a label I haven’t in a long time touched.  Surprised by the depth, intricacy, of this ’06.  For me, 2006, quite hit-and-miss.  More miss.  Gorgeous drive back from NewWineGig.  Almost pulled over for pictures.  Refrained.  Wanted solely moments.  Highway 12’s curves, her specific spots.  Traveling tryst.  More than romance; Erotic elemental visuality.  All about wine, Literary, Art.  Character, Characters.  She, in this glass, skewing my logic, intriguingly.  More than elated to be home this Thursday’s nightfall.  No timewaste in this sitting.  No distractions.  She demands it, my character.  She’s singing commands to a pattering pulse.  Ethereal evaporation, me2her ...
Last night’s pen2paper session on couch, resonating.  Beckoning regression.  It’ll be gifted, assuredly.  Another ’06 injection, warranted.  Why?  I want to prose descriptors, as crazy as I can write.  Or, as current, TYPE.  To start: maple, blackberry, dark chocolate, maple wood, a little vanilla, something-floral-I-think-maybe, rain asphalt, mint pat.  This changes my estimate of the ’06 chapter, I have to say.  Wine continues to surprise, teach this stubborn author.  9pm, sharply.  Curious about day next.  And next.  The wine world invites the fervent, the derangedly ambitious.  Must be why I feel so at home, here, in a 2006 Room.
Today, at NWG, thinking about my own label.  The varietal, easy.  Cab 83%, Cab Franc 10%, Merlot 6%, Petite Verdot 1%.  How many cases?  To start, let’s just say about 100.  What would I name my winery?  Would name it after me, or a relative.  But everyone does that, I feel.  How about “whoso winery”?  Or, “projection cellars”?  Keep it lowercase as to nod to poetic aesthetics, the unorthodox, that contrasting.  If all that is agreeable to my sis, Katie, a real winemaker.  Me, the wanna-be.  A new note in this Cab: burnt barbecue chicken skin.  No humor here, that’s with what I currently tap.  Odd arrangement in this Napa discovery, but just for me.  Totally my character’s mentioned profile.  Demonstrative of visions, dreams, wine writing delusions.  My label’s true focus; True contrast, Oenobellion, leaping outside bottled boxes.  vinoLit ...
[6/9/11, Thursday, NewMike]

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