Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Notes

This Cab/Syrah blend throws me into holes with the rabbit.  Logic reversed, odd verse.  Unusual tunes; I’m soon to do swoons.  She, of tempo slow.  Me, from her, aglow.  I, lower lights.  She, slows her sights.  Palate push.  Gentle, rushed.  I’m hushed.  Multitudinous harmonies as we meander in borrowed seas.  Unusual union.  Loosened in fictional fusion.  Our characters, blended.  Haphazardly.  Won’t let it end ended.
Fog forwards.  Off, closed words.  We stay inside, lay in tide.  Her eyes, heavy, with me on the levy.  Almost gone, just as quick as reaction spawned.  Can’t more pour, as she’s adorns tile floor.  Fahrenheit elevated, I stare and sigh, escalated.  Her return, I learn, a beautiful churn.  I turn, but still yearn. 
Sipping ... 

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