Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Sipping a Jurassic ’07.  Melodic, but assertive.  Unpredictable, like this weather.  Again waiting for the podcast to upload.  How is that Literary?  Staring at the first chapter of the novel, with the black clip at the top’s medium.  The pages, by this little digital monster.  Should be editing those sheets, even if one-legged.  Cold in the castle, tonight.  But, an unexpected, divine, nobly arranged; theatrically composed Cabernet changed my stray.  
This wine, an entity about this Room, turning me ghostly.  A palate gallop.  Sequestered here, in the studio.  Thinking of another chapter.  Do I really want to produce a whole novel, or an armada of more bottled blurbs?  Want not to write.  Just enjoy the wine.  That’s the most “wine blogger” act I could this eve execute.  Sip, sip ...
[6/1/11, Wednesday]

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