Sunday, June 26, 2011

Taste Shapes

If all I want to do is write, does that make the grape scribbler sick?  Or just impassioned, fervent?  Why label?  Why categorize?  Some of the best wines I’ve ever sipped have been non-specific blends.  Sure, if you look at the bottle’s back you might privy Self to varietal specificities, or if you look up a tech sheet online.  But the focus should be on the taste, the moment surrounding that wine.

Looking at some pictures in my new camera.  I’ll never tire of just staring at vineyards.  The other morning, so glad I early left, took that right turn off 12 into the Carneros territory.  Was so tempted to call in to NWG.  But I didn’t need to.  Those ten minutes were all I needed to trap visually seductive seconds, for the page ...
[6/26/11, Sunday]

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