Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bistro Sabor: My New Napa Base, Flavored

I’m always talking about wine locations being of more significance when they’re fun, Human.  And this spot on Napa’s 1st Street, all.  More.  Festive, forward with personality, diversified cuisine.  Had an opportunity to chat with owner Ariel Ceja the other day.  And I loved his sequential deconstruction of his restaurant’s aim, presence.  Not only is it a wine location, I found, but quite conducive to beer’s presence; I was startled, it’s fair to say, how many bottles and taps he offered; domestic, foreign.  It’s all here: beer, wine, food, music, atmosphere, culture.  This little flavored bistro: memorable, delicious.  Wine  on the walls, in my glass.  Beer, too.  Amazingly animated food.  Returning soon for another taste, tastes ... 

1 comment:

  1. Thank you Mike! Very happy to hear you enjoy our spot. Please swing on by whenever hunger strikes!


    Ariel Ceja