Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Snakes by the Grapes

All know is that I love wine.  Delight in its many delights, plights, heights.  But I turn into a striking mamba when deceived.  And all alongside this scribe should as well.  Some will remind me, “it’s a business,” “this is an at-will state.” Convenient calculations, rationales don’t answer my questions, quell my qualms.  Why is it sometimes so hard for an “industry” that begs humanness, civility, honesty, to precipitate such?  I’m not sipping Newspeak.  I don’t care what’s thrown; threats, clefs.  Wine solicits feedback, reaction, genuine strides.  So why then some gifted ridicule for such?
This is the wine industry involving itself more in the “industry” than the wine.  Again, wine, the palpable puddle for occasions memorable.  Why so arduous to embrace such ingredients agreeable?  Snakes about.  Those fixated one-upping others, sabotage; penalty, policy.  The problems in the wine industry often lie in the obsession with it being an “industry.”  It’s known that the primary purpose, or one of, is to generate revenue.  Why does that have to continue in vocal?  We all, in this “industry,” consumers too, know.  It’s as though there’s a focus on an already instinctively focused focus.  Unnecessary repetition, assuring some petition.
And, communication.  What, snakes?  Why does so much in “the industry” necessitate entertainment behind doors closed?  Why not discuss openly?  What happened to community, civility, the genuine?  Is this INDUSTRY above such?  Some need to realize the wobbly state of their self-appointed throne.  They’re only there as they think their shake selves there.  My question, “Why?” Wine demands, invites, delight.  True peace.  Why do some have to complicate, speak with such authority, as though they know every con and pro in tow.  I wasn’t abreast of industry ills until I was in “THE industry.” And why do they have to say it like that, like wine’s the only industry forwarding?
Arrogance, not part of wine.  Snakes about the grapes.  Again, I see it stressing Humanness, civility.  Humility.  I guess I’m mad, rattling.  Because this hallow industry isn’t about the wine, at all, in senses enveloping.  Wine inspires, it doesn’t trample, depress.  And of course, I’ll be scolded for this entry, speaking my Self, my passion for wine.  I’m not a “serial capitalist,” proudly.  I was raised valuing principle, passion.  That’s what I see invited by grape, bottled.  No serpents needed.  Balance, just as aimed by winemakers.  The industry, infecting, molding, souring all senses of balance, at times.  And that’s saddening, maddening, especially for those of us truly in love with Wine.
All I pose, questions.  Why can’t some try different flights, approaches to “the industry?” And yes, I could be wrong.  Maybe the wine industry can only be one way.  It can only allow one thought scope.  If that’s the matter, I don’t want any share.  That’s snake-ish.  Yes, I want to make money, but not for Self barter.  I’m here for the wine.  Wine.  Passion.  Others passionate in wine’s actuality.  It’s not an industry, to me.  It’s me, us.  Those in love with wine, others in love with wine, in love with the contrast of palates.  Not for grape snakes.  Didn’t even address how some quarrel with that.  For next vent.  Now, I sip, sip.  Enjoy.  Love the current pour, wishing I could share it with others ...  
[6/7/11, Tuesday, NewMike]

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