Saturday, June 4, 2011

Family Wineries, A Birthday Visit

Last week, stopped by Family Wineries, with Meliss, for my birthday.  Tasted through their sparkling wines, actually a squad of CHAMPAGNES, a Pinot, and a 100% Mourvedre, which had startling structure, palate presence.  The tasting Room, its generous and inviting hostesses, including my longtime friend Kay, new vino buddy Stephanie, and the backyard providing more than enough space and picnic tables: a hidden treasure chest in Kenwood.  More and more, I find mySelf looking for spots like this, and I’d always wanted to visit this particular vino nest.  Glad my wife insisted we did, to taste some great champagnes, as she caught view of their rather magnetizing sign, taunting CHAMPAGNE.

On a more personal note, I prefer tasting Rooms like this.  Those that see traffic, but not so much that it disrupts my tasting experience.  Wine, conceptually, invites a piece of peace, place, people.  Wine, musical.  Not meant to delivery noise, disruption.  We ate our lunch at one of those tables, on the vast green behind the Room.  Comfortable, scenic, memorable.  This winery made my birthday more than “special,” and I hate that word.  Kay, Stephanie, and crew made it deliciously antagonizing.  I’ll be going back, well before the next May 29th.  Wines with character, dimensional difference, surrounded by attractive atmospheric attributes.  Wine world wonderment, just down the street.  Sip, sip ... 
[6/4/11, Saturday]

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