Saturday, December 17, 2011

16: 12/16-17

Technically, it’s 2morrow.  But, in my convenient mind, it’s still today, as I’m not yet asleep.  Tonight’s wine, a Monterey Pinot.  A little more herbal than I’d like.  But, overall, nice palate dance, confident character, nose to finish.  Busy weekend ahead.  Katie, my winemaking sis, coming over tomorrow, to help paint a room here in the condo castle.  Should I get some orange, for mimosas?  Would it be wrong to talk biz while we roll rollers?  Or are we using brushes?  Not sure.  She’s in charge, again.  Don’t mind being under the sister’s command.  She’s one of few that I trust, like spending time with, talking to, in “the industry.” -12:34am
Yesterday, I left the office ready for wine.  On the mind, just the Pinot I wound up opening.  I remember its palate sprints.  Subtle, unique, almost scenic in the way it provokes reflection.  Yes, it was herbal.  But theatrically herbal, like it knew it could show this writer of wine a chord quite new.  The Pinot made me think of a bare bones approach with my art.  Less technology, this social media nonsense.  More art; boastful, confident displays of talent, Craft.  Less reliance on marketing, slithery sales struts.  Last night’s Pinot also made me think of picking up a brush, just the way Kelly does.  Or one of those sketching pencils.  And draw.  Anything.  Practice.  I also movingly remember the Pinot ordering me to embrace the painting day with Katie as something artistic.  “How can that be artistic, painting a room?” I remember thinking.
So dark when I drive home.  Not much to see anyway, with the vines being so stripped.  Still though, it’s odd, the day’s curt play.  Seems more 1 act, than 3.  Might take a couple pictures tomorrow, if I have time.  See how the vines look to the lens.  Just want to take pictures, really.  Drive around in Kenwood’s wine stretch, just see what I see.

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