Friday, December 9, 2011

25: 12/7 Afterthought, Wining

Yesterday: work, followed by incredible dinner.  Wine, family, artisanal pizza at Rosso.  Gorgeous.  Not a lot upon which to reflect, which is probably why I waited till tonight to write entry.  Well, that’s not true.  There are paragraphs in the 7’s sequence...from the first pen-to-paper Lit Lunch I had.  So simple.  No overweight bag to carry, no concern for its nearness to my table.  Just the Comp book, Wine Bar beats through earphones, from phone.  I scribbled:
“12:49p.  A first.  Pen2Paper Lit Lunch...Again thinking of all the incompetently tyrannical, disorganized ‘entrepreneurs’ I had the displeasure of working for.  How inept they were, in ways innumerable, in their own business.  Their supposed passion!  I’m more than convinced I can do better...No obsession with word count.  Relieved.  Know I’ll get hooked in this habit.”
And I hope I do keep taking just my phone and the Comp book to the Roasting Company.  So simple, so organic.  The real Literary.  didn’t make it to the café today to write.  Won’t happen again.  I’m always talking about acting out-of-character, but today poignantly was instructed that there’s potential harm in divergence.  Oh well, I tried.
“I’m like Jewel, at one of her canvases, when she’s not here constructing flawlessly balanced mochas for Mike Madigan...Headed to Dan’s shop in a few, want a bottle for tonight, and maybe to review (content for 1Shop).”
The bottle I brought to Dad’s dinner wasn’t the favorite, among us civilian wine scouters.  That 50/50 Sangio/Barbera blend was.  I preferred my bottle, the crazy blend of Syrah, Zin, Grenache, Mourvedre, and whatever else was in there.  But that’s fine.  That’s wine, the collection and gather, discussion, of contrasting palates.  We have to remember that “the industry” depends on the consumer, as we discussed at that Rosso table.  But, I ask, and did pose, when does the acknowledgement of and adjustment for that reality compromise artistic integrity?  Because, yes, wine most certainly qualifies as art.  Or, some does, like this ’05 Kaz Mary Tauge I’m sipping.  Thoughts, wine thoughts, always ...  
12/8/2011, Thursday

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