Monday, December 26, 2011

7: Christmas Carafes

The tasting tonight, playfully competitive.  Five 2008 Cabernet Sauvignons, either Napa or Sonoma fruit.  The specified subject was Cabernet, vintage specific.  Mine won 2nd place, while a close family friend’s, much lower price point, took the belt.  This again shows that price isn’t always a reliable quality barometer.  Katie brought by a sample of our Cabernet, which still very much trucks through ML.  Haven’t tasted it in a while, so it’ll be rather educational to experience its growth thus far, in terms of structure, palate presence, etc.  I brought the sample home to do a tasting tomorrow night.  Excited to see what character greets me.
Each carafed wine had something different to say than the others around it.  Wine C, belonging to Brian, our longtime friend, and Wine E, mine, had similar songs, but both followed with their distinctive individualistic temperaments.  Interesting, this side of wine.  Excited to taste MKCS11 tomorrow night, after tonight’s wine tasting interaction, humorous competition.  How will Katie’s and mine measure up to other ’11 Sonoma County, or Napa, Cabs?  Can’t think about that, or even lean towards a second guessing of Self, as Katie instructed at the beginning of our project.  Actually, she bought me a book on home winemaking.  Without any delay, failure, procrastination, I begin my read tonight.  Even if it’s one chapter.  Well, I may, realistically, start my read and note taking tomorrow night, or late afternoon.  Need to get ready for bed.  Rejoicing over my day off tomorrow.  Thanks, NWG.
Nick and I also met this evening, discussed marketing strategy for 1Stop.  We put together a simple strategy, one easy to follow; one quite attainable; one that’ll change everything, he and I are quite sure.  Not disclosing anything here, just know there is a FIRM business plan in place for my new WineBlogBiz.  Excited, optimistic, assured.  Away into wine, writing, writing about wine, selling wine, I go.  INDEPENDENTLY.  

12/25/2011, Sunday

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