Tuesday, December 6, 2011


No Lit Lunch today.  Decided to go for a walk, gather material for new blog.  An article.  So glad I didn’t discontinue the new wine blog project.  Remember being so close to doing so.  Time, 10:59p.  Have to clock out AT 11:30, not a second later.  No wine tonight, only a 6 mile run, and now, a little writing.  cubeNOTES from today, definitely thrown into the book.  Sample chapters arranged, now just writing to book’s completion.  And hopefully before too long, full fruition.  This new blog, as I label in cubeNOTES “biz,” is an honest sprint to starting my own Autonomous wine operation.  BUT, it’s also a writing assignment; And in some respects, more so.
My shell, still feeling the run.  So glad I didn’t have any wine tonight.  Don’t think it’d pair well with the intensely cold numbers expected 2nite’s hours.  Tonight may fall as low at 20-something.  Wish I could experience such in Sunriver, as I did in late ’09.  Remember writing fiercely to snowy sights.  Travel, coming soon for these pages.  My Comp book, to my left.  By bed, all night.  Wish I would be woken, compelled to note something.  Has happened a couple times in my continuation, only.  Actually, I hope it only happens on weekends.  During my weeks, which are beyond exhausting, I’d rather rest.  This water I’m sipping, should be, could be--no, SHOULD BE--colder.  Random, yes, but consistent with consciousness stream, I think, hope.
Morning mocha, already singing.  Definitely a deserved writing expense, with the vastness, detail of the cubeNOTES.  Time, 11:13p.  Sleepier than I was only minutes ago.  Tomorrow’s Literary Lunch, devoted to book.  And, just freely writing, what my genre embodies, embraces, enacts.  Colder in this Room.  Sleepier.  Shouldn’t be writing.  This Friday, will be tasting some new wines here in my wine writing hut.  Can’t believe that I’ll only have 23 days, entries, left then (counting that day, Friday).  Night, reader ... 
12/5/2011, Monday

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