Tuesday, December 27, 2011

5: Early

Connection discrepancies at NewWineGig today earned us all early departure.  But, now, here in my castle, I experience same.  Can’t post to this new “wine blog.” Don’t know why I bother.  I’m from the Literary/academic world.  Why am I blogging at all?  Like Mr. Capote said, that’s not writing.  Need another glass of this ’09 Napa Valley Cab...
Cap of night.  Love the mouthfeel of this wine.  Hoping Katie’s and mine result even fractionally in this splendor.  In fact, I tasted that sample last night, and was riveted, frankly.  Now, I know, this could be a result of my eagerness as a burgeoning winemaker.  But, nonetheless, I was romanced.  Loved the herbal, earthy, wild notes to the nose and mouth.  And, surprisingly, already a tannic melody.  Is that to be surprising?  See, I don’t know.  I’m a beginner.  Have to ask the professor. Reading my notes...  “Tannic rumble, earthy flex... agreeable, purist...” Don’t really know what that means, but I recognize mySelf being in moment, enamored by my thieved effort.  Still grateful to my persistent winemaking wizard sis for this opportunity.  Me, not exactly of the same mindset as her outfit, but, even still, of wine passion.  And that’s really all that’s relevant.
Mike thought it time to jump to his papered journal.  He was tired of the technological singultus.  Paper, couldn’t stall.  He was safe on those lines.  Should he continue with this new Wine Blog Business, in 2012?  He thought he should.  He needed to.  He needed hope of Autonomy.  The Cab made him entertain silly synaptic snaps.  There were two sips of the ’09 in his glass.  But, the way he could sip, when sipping and scribbling, one.  Maybe.  He breathed.  Closed eyes, opened.  He needed sleep.  His morning mocha, already beckoning like a barking beagle finding its fox.  2009, into his epicenter.  Wined conclusion.   
12/27/2011, Tuesday

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