Sunday, December 11, 2011


After a wine club event in AV, dinner with Mom and Dad, I’m emptied.  No energy.  Me, sipping...nothing.  No energy.   Ecstatic that dreams are only a couple breaths away.  Even more motivated to mold my own business, build my brand.  No, “brand building” sounds so clinical, sterile.  But, my business has to be built.  Now.  Today taught me that, some of the characters with whom I interchanged.  Need to just leap, stop talking about it.  So, in light so encouraging, I link wine with intelligence, like up-to-date news, for generating sales for wineries symphonic with my preference.  Informational retail.  Hmmm...  One example, Kaz Winery, where I’ll be tomorrow.  Where else in Sonoma County can you find Lenoir, bottle your own wine, meet such an animated winemaker?  That’s what guests want: accessibility.  The new blog, 1StopWineBlogShop, furthering similar scenes, for the consumer.  
Thinking about last night’s session.  Watching Capote, sipping that ’04, writing.  Peace in my space.  Want to have such for my eventual office.  And I will.  That’s what motivates me, pushes me to lucrative Creativity.  Can’t forget about the wine, though.  Ever.  All for me, about these wines.  Today, that blend, some Estate Cab, then a little Chardonnay at Mom and Dad’s.  Then back to Cab, followed by another Cab, from St. Francis, 2008.  Talked to Katie tonight about opening a wine shop.  Still my aim, my Wine Bar/Shop.  But how do I gather capital for liftoff?  Can’t worry about that now.  All starts with 1Stop.  Wines, selling them.  And, anyone who knows me knows I can move bottles.  But I want to do so with Humanness, no slithery salesman steps.  I see my shop having tastings daily, events like at Dan’s place on 1st (downtown Napa), paintings, books, music, local wineries (smaller case prod)...  Was a dream, now I’m shoving it towards everyday’s consciousness.  The remainder of this countdown, updates on business’ steps, findings, development.  Have the blog, now all I need do is sell, set up MY shop.  Sip, scribble ... 
Wait, before clock-out, just had another idea for 1Stop.  Have a “wines with voice” segment.  Meaning, wines that really speak to their sippers. Just playing with the idea, taking it into sleep ... 
12/10/2011, Saturday

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