Friday, April 9, 2010

2 Minutes

Not sure if I’m going to post the “Room Notes” episode tonight. If I don’t, it’ll be released tomorrow. Hate that word, “post.” Silly and simplistic blogger babble. Beautiful day. Driving home from Napa, I listened to my trip-hop/electronica mixes, remixes, found the Self in an advanced artistry trance. What did I gather from it? The reward? The moment, the drive. Why does everything have to be valued, measured, have some product attached to it? I pose this as I find my self doing just that, asking Self, “Yeah, and? What’s the result, Mikey?”
Visited the Coppola tasting Room in Geyserville with Mom and Dad. Lovely. The views of Alexander Valley are a scenic morsel, let me assure you. Would love to do some writing there. Next week, I’ll be in the Room Tuesday and Thursday. Perhaps Wednesday after class I shall write offsite. Napa, Healdsburg, Sonoma...Marin?
Really quickly wanted to say that I appreciate writers acknowledging that we need to support each other, read each other’s work, provide insight, feedback. Ran into one such pupil of the pen today at the bank, Nelly. Not sure what she scribes, but her offering regarding the Craft, by me, was obliged, certainly cherished.

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