Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday 4/16/10

In the Room tomorrow. As funds fade, my hope and confidence, surprisingly (for me) resonate, in each vein and channel. Summer will bring much more financial soundness, reason. For Fall, I’m looking to gather as many classes as possible, of any skill level. Adjuncting is going to work for me. I’m certain there will be times that I wished I didn’t sign up for 5, 6, 7 classes, but it’s what I’m aiming to do. It, the adjunct cage, will be caged by my vigor and methods.
What I want, really, is a spot on the NYT best sellers list. My new character, Kelly, may carry me there. Today, in my office hour, of which only one student took advantage, I projected 500 words onto the screen about this brilliant, angelic, gentle, ridiculously statuesque figure. Kelly is much like any college student, colliding with challenges, heartache, exhaustion and the like, but her conception of the collective moment and experience is what makes her a special character, one I’m ready, and eager, to give attention that I haven’t to others.
Kelly is complex, compassionate, and quite cunning. She knows what she wants from existence, but she feels that her Now is of layers she could have never adequately estimated. She enjoys the challenge, the trial/s, even though there are times she asks her Self, “How did I ever get myself into this?” Most readers, I’m sure, of any age or path, could relate.
Lovely wine country weather today. Again, tranced while in the XA, while westbound on 12, to the abode. Thinking about offering tutoring and writing services. Won’t have new cards made. My objective, current: drastically, drastically increase revenue. How? Writing, instruction. Living by the pen.
Relaxing with the Racer 5. A bit burned out on wine, I have to be candid. But I’m of
dysequilibrium, a forwarding giddiness. Not sure why. Maybe it’s my new character. I’ll be releasing those 500 words to the log either tomorrow or Sunday. Hope I do her justice. Any fiction writer who experiences this echelon of urgency, fortunate. I just hope it delivers actual fortune.

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