Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Review of Yorba, 2006 Tempranillo, Amador County, Shake Ridge Vineyards

Looking for an experience, and I found one. Lost and located, elated. Encountering the seductive element I love in wine, here, with my Spanish countess, with her vampiric virility, dancing for me. Deep flavorful nose, even on cork. Gothic leathery fruit, deep and complicated, worthy of more than a remedial enumeration of notes. Dark cherry, slight coffee, damp earth, slightly herbaceous. Finish, a black cherry coat of reassurance and welcome, a lasting tap on the palate. 14.5% in content, not even a delicate brush stroke of alcohol, anywhere. Noticeable, and quite cherishable, chalky tannins, giving the sips duration and diligence. This aphotic sea before me, reveals more structure and complexity as she is left to self-present. Pleasurable punch, her glare seduces me, effortlessly. Erotically unfamiliar from nose to finish, the entirety of its delivery. Don’t want her to leave. Taking my time, dancing with her...

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