Monday, April 12, 2010

Notes, 4/12/10, Monday

What is it about these rude people? Why do they always approach my part of the bar? So exhausted. But, I am considering some new approach with my lectures. These two developmental sections I have can serve as wonderful platforms. Need to capitalize. For example, the themes present and pervading in interpreter of maladies can be seen as keys, formulas, to further appreciating and understanding the present.
Typing fast, so I can wake up, hopefully. What time should I select for the alarm? Should I set it at all? Wish I could hear your answer, reader. Again, tired. Frustrated with Self, that I didn’t talk back to the rudeness in the Room, retaliate. Tired of rotating a role, reciting a sickening script. Live all days as though they are each ultimate.

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  1. Sorry you had rude people again today Mike. Thanks again for making our anniversary special though and I hope we started off your day on a happier note :) We enjoyed the Sauvignon Blanc from your vineyard and had a wonderful stay here in Sonoma. Wish you all the best of luck! - Jamie and Drew (3 yr anniv. couple)