Sunday, April 25, 2010

No Conundrum at Kunde.

Why do I say this? It’s brilliance. I am certain of my reaction to this sanctum. Hospitality exquisiteness, winemaking mastery. Tantamount to Sonoma Valley perfection, and what is unrivaled in tasting experiences, honestly. Another family winery that stands up to the most reputable of corporate big whigs in Sonoma, or Napa, Valley. Everything today in their tasting Room, from the Sauv Blanc to the Cabernet, delivered structure, complexity, and continuity. Notable notes that insure my revisits. On the tasting menu, I must say, though, I was most impressed by the Primitivo. Fruitful, forward, and impressive in the delivery of deep chords, and reflection. A complicated character, that I had difficulty in tapering tastes. This winery’s character, one that pushes the story forward, comforting, and captivating the subject with elegant confusion. Like me, as I ask myself, “Why haven’t I visited this harbor of enjoyment, savor, before? And how did they make such an amazing and distinguished Gewurtztraminer?” Never tasted one I liked. Till today.
The vistas: matchless, divine. Hospitality: any winery in the valley would envy such practices. From the caves, to the pond, to the tasting Room, to the Primitivo, to the Cab (that even Napa folk would envy, adore), I’m reflective, replaying my moments on the grounds. Don’t forget that Gewurtz’. Lasting impression, multi-layered. When can I go back? No conundrum, or confusion about my state following my sojourn. Sincerely dazzled, impressed, seduced. Going back. Maybe tomorrow. Why not. Yes, tomorrow. Kunde, hope you don’t mind my revisit, and adoration.

(Sat. 4/24/10)

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