Sunday, April 4, 2010

Long Live Literary Libation ...

On this Sunday, the hours before a return to the classroom, I’m in a mode of laziness, productivity drought, stress deprivation. Going to Mom and Dad’s tonight for Easter dinner, Katie will be at the table, eager to see what bottle(s) she brings. Mom mentioned pairing her lamb-centered dish with a Rhone. Find pairings so fascinating, entrapping.
Papers that haven’t been graded, laughing at them. Thinking of a character to pair with Erlycia, a young man, 24. He pours in a Room, in Napa. Wants to one day open a restaurant, in the city, SF. So sequestered, safe, and dry in this castle. Not feeling venomous today. Virile, lively, engaged.
Anticipating the Rhone, the pairings, Mom’s magic. Will be capturing what I detect, stay tuned. Hate that phrase. Am I a word snob, the same way that guests in the Room are wine & bottle snobs? Logged some valuable notes yesterday, thanks to the crew, and their respective tales, offerings.
A final disclosure, and please don’t be mad or think I’m just a talker (which even I think I am, somewhat, sometimes), but I failed to print and read pp.1-10 of BOOK ONE. I know, I know...

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