Sunday, April 25, 2010

Reconnecting With Merlot

2004 Merlot, St. Francis, from their Behler Vineyard. Soft, composed, gentle yet stern. Dark berry flavors with speckles of smoke. Been a stretch of life since the last Merlot that shifted my sense of Self. I know many are on the “hate-Merlot” cruiser, but this bottle, its character, will pull them back into subscription. I didn’t plan on composing a response tonight, but I can’t be immobile while sipping such Merlot mastery. Mint staccatos from nose to the fulfilling finish. This wine’s essentia, opportunistically erotic. Each sip, spellbinding. Me, powerless in this reconnection with the Bordeaux sedative. My reflection, wonderment and euphoric imbalance. Sip...on a cloud. Enamored in Merlot, for the second first time. Feel like I’m on a stroll, with a lover, a mistress. St. Francis created an immortally extraterrestrial wine. Another sip? Yes, yes.

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